ESC bad?

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Arrma RC's
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Ive noticed the last couple of weeks that it seemed like my BLS was shutting off the lipo's early. I would check the voltage at rest and it would show 3.8v. I little high but its been cold here so I figured maybe the weather was affecting the output of the battery and causing the LVC to kill the truck. Yesterday I went to run the truck with my son, put the battery in, turned it on and....nothing. Changed battery. Nothing. Another battery. Nothing. No beeps. No lights. Not anything. Called Arrma tjis afternoon and was told to check the throttle trim before powering on because of a safety the truck has that wont allow it to be powered on if the throttle trim is turned too much. Checked it out, it was centered but I messed with it anyways and tried to power on again. Nothing. So I'm gonna call back tomorrow (after 5 pm now) and let them know it didnt work.
My question is do y'all think its the ESC, is there anything I could be missing and if it is ESC, is Arrma good about warranty work? It looks like they take care of their customers from what I've read here. I know theres a number of posts about ESC's already but wanted to get y'alls thoughts on this. Thanks guys.
@wheatjptb yea Arrma has good customer service. The cold absolutely does affect the battery voltage. However there should be some response from your esc when you turn it on at least. I would recommend checking all the dumb stuff. Though you probably already have but, check all connections,check for wear in the plastic sheething on the wires, try a nimh battery see if it gives any response. Then double check to c if the esc is programmed for lipo . If you still get nothing then more than likely the esc is toast. Arrma should replace it for you no problem as long as you are still under warranty.

I personally think that the esc on my Granite bls is a bit lazy and lacks any real tuning ability. So I plan to upgrade it to a waterproof Hobbywing unit. They are affordable and easy to use. I hope you get your Granite back up and running soon!!
Thanks. Yeah I think Ive checked everything that I know to. And I agree about the BLS ESC. Another thing I didnt tell Arrma about but will this morning is the motor cogging. It has done that since day 1. I got the truck for Christmas so it still has a lot of warranty left on it. Other wise I would definitely upgrade the unit also, and probably still will this summer.
@wheatjptb The cogging is an issue with the esc . I believe that I read somewhere that the motor will cogg when the power stream from the esc is not smooth enough. It's sort of a mystery to me. But, from what I understand the cogging is "normal" witht the stock esc. And upgrading it should fix the problem. Also "cogging" seems to occur more when using a nimh or a lipo with a low "c" rating ie. 25c or less.. I use a 60c 2s lipo and it still will "cogg" on occasion however not nearly as much as when I was ruining the 8.4v nimh.

Keep us posted and let me know what all happens with arrma and the warranty!
Arrma was very professional on the phone. They are sending me a new motor and esc as well as front body post that I broke and have held on with zip ties. She said the esc was on backorder till the 20th but she would try to find one. So it may be a little wait on the parts.
Oh and I use a 35c 5000mah lipo and a 40c 5000mah lipo. But if yours still cogg's on occasion with 60c then a 35c and 40c surely have noticable more cogging. Thanks for all the info.
So the motor and esc came in today.....for a mega, not a bls. Called Arrma back and they are sending, hopefully, a bls motor and esc. I'll update when the parts get here.
Thats exactly what I told the rep when she asked to make sure which one it was supposed to be. Lol. I don't think she took the hint though.
Me too brother! Cross your fingers for me! Maybe I'll get lucky. But not expecting to. I'll be just as happy to get it running again.
Parts came in yesterday. Hint wasn't taken. Bls motor and esc. Oh well. Got them put in last night and tested it today. Its running great again. But my sons birthday is in about a week and he wanted to get a brushless setup so I ordered it today. His will probably be as fast or faster than mine now and I cant have that for too long. Dad always has to win. Gonna be searching for an upgrade to my beast soon.
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