ESC (EZ-run wp-80a) or Motor (standard Mojave) at fault?

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Hello all,

I just went bashing this afternoon with a mate... We had a lot of fun... ;)
But after the second battery the Motor doesn't seem to take directions from the ESC anymore...:(
Steering is fine...The fan on the ESC also does his thing...But nothing throttle wise... o_O
Connections al seem to be okay...It was a bit wet, but the inside of the Mojave was pretty dry...:oops:
So, why has any suggestions on what the problem might be...And perhaps a solutions ...:rolleyes:

Thx for your input, knowledge, and bad jokes...:p

aka Aflan
What type of battery? LIPO or NiMH? Does the ESC have a lipo cut off active? Or do you have another ESC you can connect to the motor to make sure the motor works?
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