Kraton Esc motor combo hobbywing vs castle

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So max6 g2 4990 vs the castle mmx with the 1717 both are 8s capable both sensored both are bluetooth both are 1650 kv what's the pros and cons what should I go with is the Castle worth the 100 dollars more what are you getting for that


It depends on what you want to do with your vehicle and how much you want to spend. If you read posts on this forum, you will see that many recommend Castle for speed running and Hobbywing for bashing. I myself have the Castle MMX 8s 1717 1650kv system in my Kraton 6s, but I bought it before Hobbywing released sensored systems. The Castle system in my Kraton makes it a beast: it has more speed and power than I need, given the areas I have to run in. If Hobbywing sensored systems had been around when I bought my Castle system (over two years ago), I might have put a Hobbywing system in my Kraton. I have Max8 G2 2250kv systems in both my Infraction 6s and in my Corally Asuga, and I'm happy with the performance in both vehicles.

The Castle system requires a separate Bluetooth module to use their app. That module runs around $55, while the Hobbywing Bluetooth is built into the ESC. The Castle Bluetooth module plugs in between the ESC and the receiver: I have mine stuffed into the receiver box.
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I can’t speak for castle but the hobbywing max6g2 and the 4990 1650kv is an absolute beast. I have it in my felony and my limitless has a max 5 g2 hv and the 4990 making over 110 mph very easy. Best bang for the buck I think.
I have max 6 G2 4990 setup its awesome get tekno spurs. And stiffen center diff fluid. No reason for Castle system really unless you want to pay more. I mean I could have any esc I want but theres just no sense in it for Kraton.
I've just put the new hobbywing 150a quicrun g2 combo in my kraton 6s runs like a dream for half the price of the castle system