Kraton ESC & Motor Upgrade

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Well the blx 185 has failed my again while they will replace it free of charge im getting tired of sending the esc and motor in every few weeks to get it replaced im thinking about a mamba monster x or mamba monster 2. Would anyone recommend one over the other and why? I see there is a 40 dollar price difference and not sure what makes that price difference. i was considering the 2200kv for both of them they also offer a 2650kv what would you guys go with and why ?
I see there is a 40 dollar price difference and not sure what makes that price difference.
The Mamba Monster X is telemetry capable, as well as offers data logging and AuxilaryWire which allows for quick programming. If none of those features are important to you then the Mamba Monster 2 will work just fine.
if your frying esc and motor every few weeks you may want to have a look at what your running and temps... new motor and esc won't help if your running 6s with silly high gearing trying to go as fast as possible, bashing with to tall of gearing what do you run in mainly? do you check motor temps? what's your setup, I have pounded the snot out of mine and not had an issue. my Nero pooped a motor and it was 109 degrees so something inside must have let go. no big deal it happens sent it in had new one in less than a week. castle has good customer service too. I am sending in a mmx that I had sitting now won't work right so hopefully they warranty it and I want to run a posidon motor and mmx in the kraton, or maybe a 2000kv like in nero they are not to expensive.
Yes I check temp never seems to be out if range of what it should be I went with a mamba monster 2 should be here by end of the week is seems that the motor wasn't the problem this time around but a defect in the board of the esc so they replaced it and it's being sent back I will keep it as a back up just in case anything might go wrong
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