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Arrma RC's
So I got a new servo and ESC for my Kraton, and when I was centering the servo to put the servo horn on, the ESC wouldn't let me do anything. According to the manual, "the ESC detected unusual signals or loss of signal on the throttle wire." Please help, because I am dying to get it running again.
You will have to program or even try re-programming the esc to the radio , check your manual for the esc you have on that & follow the directions properly on how to do so. Also check to make sure you have the wires plugged in properly to your receiver and also the motor to the esc. If that does not work i would say contact the manufacture of the esc for a return as there may be a problem , oh and also make sure your radio is zero'ed out before programming.
Hey man it happens to the best of us. Glad you got it sorted , enjoy .
Did the same thing myself - my esc wire got cut going under a fence by accident - cut the power line right at the ESC. awful - got the new one today - set it up but plugged it into the wrong slot - had no throttle - its slot 3 - all good......
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