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I want to upgrade my motor and esc on my granite bls. Would it be possible to upgrade my ESC first then upgrade my motor down the line? My understandment is that you can have a higher rated ESC since the motor determines on its own how much power it needs. With that being said, will the BLS motor be able to take a 3s lipo? Any info is appreciated.
I'm assuming your truck has thr stock electronics in it.... Depending on the ESC, not all brushless esc's can do brushed motors.

You can run your brushed motor on 3s lipo, just don't expect it to last very long. It will likely over heat and wear out the brushes very quickly. I've done this before, the motor only lasted 5 runs on 3s.
I see, well I run a hobby wing water proof SC8 in one of my trucks, I recommend it to anyone looking for an aftermarket esc. Runs 2-4s and usually comes with the programming card for adjusting options such as punch, lvc and more.

Or there is the castle sidewinder V3, which on 2s should be good, 3s might get a little hot.
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