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I ordered two of the Sentons when Tower had that crazy sale before Christmas. One works perfectly. The other cooked the ESC when I tried to plug in the 1st battery. I'm not gonna fool with Tower or ARRMA for an RMA, so my question is this. What would be a really good ESC to use with the stock motor. Or would I be better off just getting a Tekin Gen 3 set up or a Castle Mamba X? Any help would be or great help. I'm leaning towards a Hobby Wing 150 amp (if I can find one!) but I don't know if it will be ok with the motor. Thanks in advance guys!
I would recommend calling Arrma for a warranty replacement on the ESC. In my experience, aside from the hold time of 10-15 minutes on the phone the warranty process is easy and fast. You can always go ahead and get another ESC as a replacement if you want, but having the Arrma one around as a spare is a good option, especially for free. ...or if you want you can send me the warrantied Arrma ESC. :)
LOL! I hear ya. I'm just lazy and I hate dealing with crap like this, but your right. I'm on hold with them right now. And it's not exactly a cheap part! I looked and they run around $110.00 I'll post my dealings when I'm done with ARRMA.
I say get the hobbywing xerun 150 for now then get the tekin motor later.
I'm a castle fan myself. I would go with a mm2 or mamba x
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