Outcast EXB centre diff

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Hi guys

I picked up some spares off a UK breaker including an EXB centre diff. I am debating using it but tbh I just use silicone ear plugs and like the way it handles.

Is it worth using? I've never had an issue with a centre diff as it's not like there is a huge amount of diff action to wear parts, and if so, what would I do for similar handling to ear plugs?


If you are really locking down the center diff with 1mm or earplugs I'm not sure you would see any difference. Cross pins are a little beefier. I'm with you I have not had issues with the standard diff set especially in the center diff. F&R seem to get more abuse. Especially the rear. I would rather upgrade to a full metal diff case for the center. Like in the Fireteam. Center tends to heat up and the aluminum handles it much better.
I'd definitely do the aluminum in the center whether you do EXB or open. I had a pebble get up through the chassis hole and explode a center diff on me. If I had the aluminum case it probably wouldn't have been an issue and I've switched to aluminum in the center on everything ever since. I don't do earplugs but I have put 20M weight in the center to lock it up. Probably gets the same result or very close to earplugs plus it's a little easier to change out if needed. 1M in the center didn't feel much different than 500K or even 300K to me. If I was gonna lock them up I'd go at least 2.5M but from what I've heard the EXB diffs don't require as thick a fluid as the opens.
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