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Check the values of you're esc.
The servo works between 4,8-6V and 4-5A. If you're esc have enough power (A) then you need nothing.
Concrete/asfault/street basher my talion well be, running solo most of time.stock servo should be sufficient? Is there a better servo that doesn't need a glitch buster. Best way to add buster to my system, already have fan plugged into stock ESC.
I cannot recommend a specific servo, however there are basically two reasons to upgrade the stock servo:
  1. if there is a delay noticeable between you giving the steering input, and the car actually changing direction
  2. sponge like steering, because the servo has difficulty directing the big wheels in rough terrain. You need more torque
The first one can be solved by buying a faster servo. And speed = huge increase of power consumption. More torque does not necessarily.

The stock 1/10 servo is for me too slow. But I occasionally race my Fury, where this is very noticeable. The average basher would not even notice a thing. So this is very personal! ;)
I would work on stiffening/replacing the servo mount before spending a lot time looking at replacement servo specs. I got a fast high torque servo for my monster typhon all it did was flex the servo mount "faster" I swear the extra speed made it handle worst because the flex was even more pronounced than before. The NERO is way heavier, but because there is no flex or binding in the steering geometry; it actually carves corners better than my outcast or the monster tyhpon.
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To chime in, I just ordered the aluminium servo mount, but I want a more torque servo.Something not to pricey. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or do you think the stock servo will work with the new mount. The car just wasn't turning right on grass. To much resistance
Do you already checked the servo saver?
My Big Rock have that while steering in both directions because of the other wheels.
The servo turns but the saver gives the play. I fear to make the saver too strong that the result will be a damaged servo.
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