Failure of Knuckle/shaft piston and one more issue

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  1. Nero
For the life of me I can't figure why this is failing on me. Im not even driving too aggressive. Im already exhusted going to the hobby store 4 times in one week. Either the Plastic or the metal shaft is failing
I ask Arrma for some feedback on this but decided to create this thread aswell

Second issue is the front top knuckle keeps slipping off. I can't even spread it apart. May it happens when wrecking.

I don't feel I driving too aggressively

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated positive or negative

Thanks in advance


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don't know all the terminology but heres a pic


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I did have that rope method to prevent stress and took off. thinking that was making it happen. But from the other thread there is no solution for this.

Shock shaft?
oh yeah shock shaft

would it help moving my shocks more inner?
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