- Two FREE Arrma bearing kits!

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Fast Eddy Bearings wants to give TWO lucky winners a free Arrma bearing kit of their choice!

The stock Arrma bearings are "okay" at best, in fact many Arrma users have complained about seized bearings or bearings that just don't spin very smoothly. Fast Eddy Bearings has been offering bearing kits for ALL kinds of R/C's for years now and have some of the best bearings available for a great price -- in this case even better, TWO members will win a FREE Arrma kit of their choice!

Prize: Fast Eddy Bearing kit for Arrma RC models

How to enter:
  • Simply post a reply to this thread, LIMIT ONE POST PER DAY!
  • Make sure to visit
  • Also Like Us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter! *(not required to win)

Giveaway Ends:

June 1st @ 1:00PM EST. Sometime after 1pm EST TWO winners will be randomly selected.

I hope i get this. my first few weeks with the granite i drove it on a completely wet track. 6in mud obstacles, 1 foot of standing water, and jumps that would end Up getting me stuck. Oh man some new bearing would perc this baby up!
I don't own one yet and once I recover from YETI purchase I am looking towards a granite, so count me in.
Hmmm free? Sounds like a no brainer.NCNitro don't count on it! I should have some luck coming my way! Haha!
I have got to get my bearings. Plus getting bearings for my rig is nice too!
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