Fazon 18t Pinon

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Can anyone tell me the top speed with a 18t Pinon in a fazon

if you check aussie rc playground new vid...he just did a top speed run of over 60 with the provided pinion 17 tooth pinion...on 6s

so I don KNOW for sure...but just putting my wet thumb in the wind...one tooth increase...5 to 7 mph increase?..why not...but over 60 for sure on 6s...

but you could be the first to find out...just put a 20 tooth in there...if you are going to go through the trouble...and let's see that number really move...
good luck dude. ..
Might try it sat. Just need the right lipo and Pinon set up. At least get close to 70 or 75 without blowing anything up. Going get everthing new this weekend. Switching from Traxxas. The Fazon catching my eye, lipos, charger, tires, and maybey cooling fans.
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