Fazon 1st Impressions

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Had it out today and had a few comments/ Impressions

Wheels/Tires - Deep sixed the tires as they gave me little to no traction on dry concrete. Just spin out and when I locked center - no wheelies - was kind of mystified - maybe these non traction tires?. Switched over to Sand Scorpions from the Nero (Badlands on the way) and will try my set of big rock wheels as well later tonight. I also ordered a set of SRC Terrain Crushers for the Costco Lot. The Scorpions give the traction on all surfaces and are a bit more planted it seems. Depending on what driving mode your in - very little ballooning.

Handling - The stock layout sits the truck very low. which comes in handy turning the rc at higher speeds. Other than that - pretty much the same as the Nero & I have to assume the Big Rock. It makes it seem smaller and flatter and wider.I noticed the wheelie mode didn't seem to work well....so I DID end up adjusting the shocks in the rear to the innermost holes and adjusted the preload nice and tight to really lift it up and left the front set up alone but adjusted preload as well to lift. Took it out again and locked center diff and the thing went absolutely crazy... I was wheelie ing down the street... absolutely incredible. Backflipping - scratching up the shell god know how many times... the higher it sits - what a difference. I was going to make this into my high speed machine and install the 17T but after lifting it - might save that for the Kraton V2 as my logic dictates the 5lb weight difference. Im thinking a Mamba X and 17T and its lights out. My Nero doesn't have the diff brain so its a lot of fun to see these modes and the differences.

This thing is very fast - I also noticed on wheelie mode - it really shoots forward. Im waking up in the AM and hitting Costco will make a few clips. I will say to anyone to pls get the wheelie bar from TBone - I have them for all my Arrmas and swear by them. The wheelie mode renders the stock one useless and if you practice enough you can wheelie down the street but I was backfliping as if the wheelie bar wasn't there. Josh also said it kind of gets in the way of landings too.


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