Fazon is down on first 6s run... really??

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Merry Christmas to me.... SMH!

The pin on the Front Steel Diff OutDrive Universal Joint sheared off, no way to fix. WTH?/

It was my first run on 6s and honestly, i was being careful! I was just haulin butt across flat grass... no idea how it broke...

Only center diff locked....

My first Arrma product and kinda disappointed!

Is this something I can contact Tower about?
Mine sheared a drive pin on the first run and the ESC died on the second. Tower / Hobbico / Arrma will get you fixed up as soon as the holidays are over. In the past two weeks, they've sent me two sets of drive pins and a new ESC. I was so looking forward to driving it today for the first time in a week and of course, it rained hard all night and everything is soggy this morning. I just don't want to run in that.
That good to know. Too bad I'm down for a few days. This thing is really fun though!!

Should I call or email TowerHobbies?
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