Fazon Shock Volume

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Does anyone know how much shock oil all 4 Fazon or Nero shocks will take? Will it be more than 2oz? I am looking to switch out the 30wt for something heavier, possibly 80-90wt.

Thanks in advance.
The stock oil is 80wt.

Where did you hear 30?


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I emailed Arrma and they said 30wt. Here is what they said:


The Fazon comes stock with 30 weight silicon oil/

Product support


I would have to agree. I am planning to bump it up some. 30wt is what supposed to be in it, I was thinking at least 60 in the rear and I am not sure how much I will bump up the fronts.
I'm still not convinced there's 30wt in a 15# truck.

I'm still not convinced there's 30wt in a 15# truck.
3k cSt is what Arrma says on their product page.

30wt would feel like water on a fifteen pound vehicle.


If you read the last post, the person had put 50wt and said it's too light for the Nero.

I wish we could get a straight answer out of Arrma. If they didn't put 3k in the shocks then why did they put that on the product page. That's a little far off from 30wt.
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