Felony Felony wheel speed calculator

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Hello friends, I’ve been playing around with some wheel speed calculators, and in doing so I believe I’ve found the Arrma Felony rear differential should have a GP5 input gear with a GP6 diff spur. I’ve attached screen shots, but with these numbers I get really close to the same wheel speeds.

I believe this could make a Felony handle better, from the factory the wheel speeds aren’t close to matched. So the center diff is having to eat that, potentially causing overdrive.

Front diff

Rear diff using the same GP5 input with GP6 diff spur.
Since the Felony rear diff (which is a GP6 if I'm not mistaken) is designed to compensate for the wheel size difference and create a similar (not equal to...the answer is a bit more complicated) ground speed. So, for all intents and purposes, you can just calculate speed with 100mm and 2.8 diff ratios and you should get (roughly) the same speed as the rear wheels. It won't be exact as the wheel speed delta on the Felony fluctuates wildly depending on how fast you're going, but it will get you in the ballpark.
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