Finally making some head way on the Fury

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did you have to take off the rear bumper to make it work?

No, I've been waiting for the BLX motor guard to come in so I can mount the rear bumper. I'll probably have to trim the body a bit to make it work.
That looks great!! I have that same body on my fury mega, only in black with police lights lol

Throw some pics up! I'd love to see that! Where abouts on the TX/OK border are you? I was stationed in Wichita Falls 2005-2010. Loved it there.
Here's a shot of my bug, I had to mount the police light bar inside of the shell cause I almost ripped it off after I installed the castle sct combo

Side shot

Police bar

Monster bug lol

I live 2 1/2 miles from lake Texoma on the Oklahoma side, close to Madill, I love it down here it's nice and peaceful and lots of places nearby to run my RCs


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Nice! I've been to the Sheppard AFB Annex at Lake Texoma. Loved it down there!
Got the maiden shake down run in today. Gotta fix a motor connector, then it should be ready to bash!!

I've only run it for a few minutes so far. I have a bad connector on one of the motor leads, so I had cobbled together a lead to try it out. They seem to grip really well on pavement and in grass (traction rolled it once). They do balloon noticeably under full throttle. They are really soft though. May not last on pavement.
I know all about traction rolling it lol, those M/T wheels I have on mine hook like you wouldn't believe, I actually ripped the spoiler off the back of my bug from a dead stop. Now I'm looking forward to getting my badlands in lol
OK, Here's an update: Finally tracked down my control issues to a receiver going bad, by going piece by piece swapping parts with my kid's vehicles. With the receiver from my son's Fury installed, it's glitch free. Unfortunately, I thought I had the receipt in the box, but can't find it. So, no warranty coverage... Time to look up new receivers, but may buy a new radio setup instead, since Arrma's receivers are not much less than some new radios... Although, I do like the radio it came with...

Next Report: I installed this Turnigy 3900Kv motor: Not a bad motor for $30 delivered, except it cogs from a stand still. Not horribly, but having any low throttle "finesse" is out the window. And if you like to do reverse to full forward stunts, it doesn't do it. It cogs bad enough the ESC cuts out until you let off the throttle and grab throttle again. Once it has a little momentum though, look out. Rolling 10-15 mph and gunning it either results in massive wheel spin or wheelies. Motor get hot though. I have it geared 13/57 (32p gears) and after 10 minutes of bombing around on the street I couldn't touch the endbell for more than 3-4 seconds, and the ESC was barely warm. I wish I could find my temp gun... :mad: Time to locate an 11t pinion, I guess.

Managed to pull the lower rear shock mount screw out of the control arm... ugh.

I need to open the front shocks and put a longer spacer under the piston. Really need to drop the front a bit more.
If you have the ATX 300 transmitter, the one with the swappable steering wheel, I have a functional Rx that I would be willing to part with . My transmitter bit the dust and the warranty replacement was a Tactic system.
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