Typhon First Broken Part???

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Well I was testing a new 4S battery pack in my yard just running in circles, and going back and forth in the yard when I noticed something wasn't right. Brought it into my basement and found the pin on the front cvd sheared off. It was the one going into the diff outdrive. I placed an order for 2 new ones from Tower, but I took out the shaft to see what might have caused it. Well nothing else was broken so I took a punch and knocked out the rest of the pin that was pressed in the end and my punch got stuck in the hole. So I just continued tapping it in until I had enough sticking out one side, then cut off the other end from the punch, cleaned up the ends with my dremel so they were the correct length and put it back in. perfect fit until I get the new ones!
"On the road again" So in the end I sacrificed a punch so I could still have fun! :D
How about wheel bearings? Has anybody had problems with them. About the fourth time to local Indoor track. an have lost 2 inner an one outer with maybe 6 hrs total.ordered a set of avid , any good or should I keep looking . Thanks in advance.
I only have maybe an hour on mine and had the pin snap, but no signs of bearings going bad yet. I don't bash my cars to death anyway...
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