Talion First race on 1/14/17

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So changed diff oil 7k front 50k center 5k rear asjusted shocks and changes to 17 pinion gensacearespammers 4s 5000mah battery and running a small track local (fr. Walton beach) for the firsr time this coming weekend and thing i should know never ran a track before? I have only bashed own several rcs just never raced.
LOL, you flew under the radar...

There was a post over on the Fury forum about racing, I made a general "new guy tips" post there, I will copy it here, with a few minor edits - Some of these points were responding to his questions, but 1,4,5 are probably the most important general points...

spicific Talion points -

When I had my Talion, and was settingit up ofr the track, I was running 5-10-5 in the diffs. Local track may need different oils - talk to the Mugen /AE truggy guys as to what they run.

Mine was V1 with stock red can motor and red ESC. Motor was great, plenty of power, but ran hot. ESC was not great.

My local track is rough, so I went 25w in the shocks. Yes, chassis slap on jumps, but it floated over the rough corners...


Racing is fun, and a whole 'nuther ball of wax, vs bashing...

my tips are general -

1- Tires - check out what tires the local fast guys are running, and buy those same tires. $35 a pair gets pricey, but is about right for good tires. Ask if they are "saucing" (if the track allows) and follow their recipe. Saucing is putting some kind of traction compound or rubber softener on the tires. It can really help, but so tracks don't allow it. Liquid Wrench or Simple Green are two popular tire sauces... Note that if you go forward in racing, tires will be one of you biggest "consumable" money pits. If you really need to save a few bucks, buy one compound harder than the fast guys are running - if they run super soft, you run soft. This will get you a few extra races out of the tires. Plus, as the track grooves up, the tires needed will change, which = more money. Best advice - find a local Facebook page or internet forum/group where local racers sell their gear. Watch the boards, and you will be able to pick up a box of tires - most will be near 100% tread - for about $100. Sounds like a lot of money, but you can often get 4 to 10 SETS for $100, depending on why they are selling. When I got my Talion, I was able to pick up 5 sets of (truggy) tires, and a 2-wire transponder, for $125, from a local forum. The guy lived 15 minutes away, had not raced in a year, and was trying to clear a closet. Common story. :) Plus, local guy, the tires worked on my local track. :) :)

2-Brakes - when the rear end come around entering the corner, you are locking up the rear wheels. Brake earlier, then ease off on the brakes before you start to turn. You may need to get a ESC that allows programming and soften up the brake power. Also suspension changes can help, firm up the front end, soften up the rear. But that may hurt the truck elsewhere on the track, it is a compromise game.

3- Gearing - Just play with it. Watch the temps. You said it was wrong, what was bad? Not enough top end? (add teeth) Not enough acceleration to clear the jumps? (remove teeth) Spinning the tires too much? (add teeth / loosen slipper). If you are gonna race, you will end up with a bunch of pinions, that is just how the game is played. Be glad they are kind of cheap. :) Oh, and what 3100kv motor? you may need a motor with a bit more torque, or maybe with a bit more RPM. Gearing is really only for small changes, if you need a big change, you need to re-motor.

4 - Slow is Faster! So yeah, you can turn a 15.xx when the stars line up, but then the next 5 laps are 30's as you try to repeat that same sweet line. Yeah, I've been there... :) Instead, slow down and work on turning consistent 23's. Slow down early for the corners. Roll the triple instead of trying to double-single it. Set your throttle EPA to 80% or even 60%. Move over and let the fast guys fly buy. Make it your goal to go 5 laps without spinning or needing a marshal. Then shoot for 10 laps. Once you can get around the track without needing marshals, then you can start adding speed - SLOWLY! Very soon, you will notice your average is in the 20's, with your hot lap in the 19's. Keep you hot laps within a second or three of your average. Stay consistent. Seriously. Also - this will make it easier to tune the car. Consistency shows handling errors much better than hot laps.

5 - Last - Have fun! Racing can be a blast, but it can also be frustrating has heck. Try to keep it fun, run your own race. Try not to stress over getting lapped by the local hot kid. Find the guy that is making the same lap times as you, and try to stay ahead of him. Then work on the next guy... :)

My .02,

link to that thread - other good info inside -

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