Kraton First run. First fix

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IMG_1476.JPG First run today on 4s on a few acres of sodded grass - with just enough trees to be interesting. No jumping today. Just getting the feel for it

What a blast to drive! It is so easy to control once I understood the preciseness of the steering and got it trimmed in. Plenty fast enough for now. On the concrete it's really moving. The Florida grass is pretty deep and soft so took some speed off there

Last run a fence post jumped into the car's path and clipped either the front tire or front steering somewhere and knocked the lower ball out of the socket. Everything else seems to be fine. Before I try to force it back in should I not try to repair it that way?
Take the tire off,then you can access the red hex covers that hold in the ball,unscrew the one that came out.Next unscrew the ball from the arm ,( don't loose the shim)and put the ball back in the cup from where the red cover came from.Adjust ball tension so there is almost no slack.The ball probably can't be forced back the way it came out with out damage.
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