First run on my new Nero!

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My son and I took the big Nero out to the field today. He brought his 1/16 E-Revo. We were running on a dirt baseball field. I just wanted to see how it did, as this is my first 1/8 scale 4wd. I have a 1/10th Rusty that is stupid fast, but it does better on-road as it is only RWD.
The Nero drove great. Awesome handling and acceleration. I did not change any ESC settings, so the punch was still on 2 of 5. Ran with two 50C 5400mAh 3S batteries and the standard pinion. I could probably get away with the speed pinion in this cool weather, but not ready to change it just yet. The only problem I encountered was snapping the rear bumper on the back side after a cartwheel. I'll chalk it up to cold plastic, as it was 30 degrees and a pretty good hit. I just used some epoxy and fiberglass cloth to line it back up. The crack is on the inside, so I'm not worried.
I think I'll look at SMP batteries for my next set, to see if one of the higher capacity batteries would work for me.
Anyway, first drive, first post. So far we really like the truck! I'm sure there will be more to follow.
Thanks for the heads up. I have an SPC Racing battery for my Rusty which is a 6200mAh 65C hardcase and it just fits width and height on the Nero, so I'll use that as a guide.
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