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Arrma RC's
  1. Nero
Just got my first bach on today and yeah she is a beast. I did already have the front bumper I made bust of. but as far as the rest of the truck I love her. I bought a 4S battery and start her on that (poo poo)
I started 6s on the Nero 3 months ago. Im not sure what I was thinking. Im all about modding my units to improve longevity. And Ive already found out a lot of you guys here Have bee into this stuff a long time.
Truthfully I get on to forums and get what I need and then seem to move on over a period of time.
I blame this hobby on my two brother that are into Tamiya rc units. I always seem to have the tendency to go big or go home. Its not much fun bashing with them


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Its weird how my tires on this aren't ballooning quit like my Nero on 6S?
Does Arrma Now put oil in the Diffs? I can't seem to find any info on this
These were all very simple mods


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