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It all started one day when we were out bashing our rc cars. I was video taping and all of a sudden i get nailed in the back of the head with a Kraton. When i came too i had an image stuck in my head.
What the heck is going on here. How or why is this image stuck in my head? So that night i got my senton out, some tools and a soldering iron. Everything just started coming together. I got everything tore apart, and i was going to town. It was all automatic, i was cutting..drilling..and soldering up a storm.
i went at this for, what seemed like hours. I must of fell asleep. When i awoke in the morning, i had fineshed whatever i was doing. Wow, is all i could say.
Now what is this thing suppose to do. I thought i better call my freind Doc. He has alot more experience with this type of thing. Doc showed up and started talking all kinds of mumbo jumbo talk. I think he said something like it metered over a jiggawatt or something. After he checked everything out we decided to do some testing.
Man, this thing hauls grAss! It was hard to get under control. He said it was way faster than his Dalorean ever was. Once we thought we had everything under control, we decided we would see what she could do off of a ramp. 20160208_091348_2875.jpg
We hit that ramp so fast we were going close to 88 miles per hour. It was so hard to control we didn't know what to do. There was so much power. 20160208_091348_3975.jpg


We had to get this thing under contol. It was metering at 2 jigawatts. Doc said "thats the problem", it needs to be 1.21 jigawatts. So we made some some adjustments. Actually we just turned the pot meter down a bit. So we went out for another test run.
It was a success. We were able to get the trucks raw power under control and we were flying high.
Man what an adventure.. who new things like this happen in the rc world. I cant wait until i get hit in the head with another rc car!
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