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Have you seen the diff brain upgrade instructions? Like thanks bro for the black and whit pics (8 of them) with no descriptional words. Lol I'm having some wiring issues I assume. Can someone post a pic of the receiver housing with diff brain and/or a wiring schematic? I can't get anything to pair and I've tried moving every plug around just can't get it. Thanks guys!!
Where the leads plugs in is on the diff brain. The diff servos are listed where you plug them in, brown wire should be closest to the side with the instructions. Esc plugs in beside your servos (THR OUT). The AUX IN (lead from your diff brain closes to the instructions) goes to your 3rd channel on three receiver and the THR IN (lead furthest lead from the instructions) goes into channel 2.


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This is old. Only thing I found I a search.

May I ask which plug goes in “THR OUT” on the diff brain.

I can not find schematics for the receiver or diff brain. Manual shows plugs going in each compartment of the receiver but no identifying marks on said plugs.

Thanks 8n advance.
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