Frank's R/C Garage/Build Thread

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Arrma RC's
  1. Nero
Just got it today. Bone stock. Switching to Dean's connectors. Other than that gonna run it like I stole it and worry about making it stronger as parts break.
Savage .21. Also bone stock. Put a .25 engine shortly after I bought it 15ish years ago but put it back to stock to keep like it came off the shelf. I no longer drive this one. It's a collector, to me anyway. HPI's first Savage model and the vehicle that started it all for me.
Not much to say here. Hate Traxxas, they've become to corporate and sue happy but bought these for the kid's first R/C to bust up.
My go to basher!! This one has the drywall tape and shoe goo body, 17t pinion, sealed center diff with 500k diff fluid, deans connectors, hardened socket cap screws for post replacement, and a 281.89 oz/in servo @ 6.0v. That's it for now. Will also upgrade as stuff breaks. Have an extra Spektrum 4210 AVC receiver that I will install in this or my outcast. Leaning towards this because the Outcast probably won't have the front wheels on the ground long enough for it be effective haha.
HPI Vorza Flux. I've found it worthless on any terrain that isn't fairly smooth so gonna make it into a speed run car. Caslte Mamba Monster 2, stock Castle 2200 and a Caslte 2650, hitec 7955tg servo, 2 cooling fans for motor, upgraded fan for esc, and multiple spur/pinion sets for trial and error on Castle 2200 and 2650 motor. Not sure of top speed I'm after or what it will be capable of but will find out soon.
Also installed Spektrum 4210 receiver with AVC (that rocks) and a Spektrum DX4C transmitter.
Savage Flux HP. First electric vehicle and never looked back. Also bone stock. Have had for 7ish years and have only rounded out the hex of the wheel twice. Thing is a beast. Have and will install shortly the XL kit for it (longer wheelbase and wider). Also have the same wheels but in black and new tread for it. The vertical plates I got for it are 5mm thick compared to the stock 2.5mm. Also has a new mamba monster 2 because the original wasn't water resistant.
Phantom 4 and a Phantom 3 Standard. Bone stock as well.

Will update as I progress through my builds or add any new vehicles. Would love an 8s X Maxx but ain't buying from Traxxas. Hopefully Arrma comes out with a massive 8s Truck someday..

Thanks for checking my thread out!!
@Frank nice collection of RC's you've got there. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the Flux HP and Outcast once you get some time under your belt with the Outcast!
For sure! I can't wait to compare the 2 either..unfortunately I only have one connector for the Outcast. Probably should've checked my supply when ordering. No Outcast fun until next week :banghead:
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