SOLD / FOUND Free 3D Printed BLX185/Firma150 Adaptor plate to 3S Arrma RC's

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Enjoying 3D printing so much decided to print an extra for a forum member!

Interesting Bronze color this time. This plate will allow you to run the BLX185 or Firma150 6S esc on your Arrma 3S RC car.

Be the first to comment below and PM me your address. I will cover shipping in the US.


Blx185 Firma150 3s plate.jpg

Blx185 Firma150 3s plate 2.jpg
Hello, I would like it please
You got it! (y)

Zap me a PM with a shipping address and I will get it out asap.
Item arrived safely and quickly. Plus, item is 100% as described, good transaction!
Printed out a zip tie version of this adaptor plate (if the tabs on your Firma150 or BLX185 are broken off). Has a nifty channel underneath for the zip tie. This is designed for 3S Arrmas to mount a Firma150 or BLX185.

Credit on this design goes to suchtragedy.

Printed out an extra for a forum member, just comment below and PM me your address, I will ship it to ya in the US. 😃

3s esc plate Zip tie.jpg
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