SOLD / FOUND Freebie. Skirt attachments/prototype/infills

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These are prototype I guess you can say… the holes on the skirt side would need to be drilled to your skirts or maybe direct fit depending on brand? I can’t vouch how well they will hold up. But if someone wants them before I toss them in the trash. I rather see $28 going to good use instead of feeling like I wasted money. You will have to be creative with mounting… was supposed to be a direct fit. But isn’t. These are for the people who don’t want hacked up battery trays and GT style limitless. Red set still in packaging.. black set was used for testing purposes and has new holes marked where they would fit my skirts….

Next up…. Infills. They don’t sit flush and you have to be careful how tight you go with the screws are they go straight through 🤷 otherwise they work. Driving my ocd nuts since it’s not level or an exact fit.. so I had a different set made out of stronger materials. Here’s a photo of them to give you a prospective how they look.

Edit!!!! Buyers pay for shipping.
And must have a limitless/infraction/felony… I’m not looking for someone else to make a profit on something I’m giving away!





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i have a felony 6s, REALLY need these as mine are trashed- not just bought. im in wa and can post payment now. send me a message please. appreciate your time/consideration
You didn't obscure the number very well. I just bought a limitless, and want something like this. Do you have a guess about cost of shipping?
Tbh I don’t know 🤷 typical when I send stuff to another member on here it’s typically between $8.95 to $10 if it would fit in a regular envelope with stamps it would be cheaper lol

And to be clear… it’s going to need to be mocked up and drill new hole or spacers… but if someone wants to use them and take the task on… I just bought EMP skirts instead of dealing with it.
Ok I'm in seattle wa 98109. Maybe that can help you get an idea?
No worries, message me at your convience, thanks !
No worries, message me at your convience, thanks !
No problem. With working a lot my time is very limited.

Here’s a picture of what they look like next to the hacked trays I was using… the skirts are not available with the 3d parts… only the skirts attachment.

You will have to either modify the skirts to accommodate the holes or be creative


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