Big Rock Freshened up the bigrock

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Hey guys, finally getting around to posting. I’ve been lurking for years and this forum has been a great help with my arrma 🤙

Anyways I’ve got a BRCC thats seen it’s share of bashing and needed some upgrading, despite being tough as hell out of the box. Now that it’s cleaned up and looking pretty I think I’m going to throw a 4s system in it and upgrade the driveline. I will keep yas posted

Recent upgrades
-typhon wing mount/outcast wing
-arrma center chassis brace
-proline 50s chev body fully reinforced inside. Not real happy with it but I had that body around and figured I’d give it a try. Beats the smashed up OG body
- GPM steering components/ HR servo saver
-granite front bumper
-17mm HR hex hubs +10mm
-badlands MX28/raid wheels
-full chassis dust cover
-integy wheely bar. (Might do the spring mod on it this week sometime)

Probably forgetting something I’m sure. Let me know what yas think! Just going to search the forums now for a good 4S thread




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Welcome! I think that body looks pretty good. For a 4s system check Jenny's for Kraton/Outcast spektrum it'll bolt right in for a good price.
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