Friday the 13th

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Superstitious much?

Who's wrenching today?
Who's bashing today?
Who's staying in their safe space bubble? :ROFLMAO:

The next Friday the 13th is in October. 👻
Well, the school was canceled today so I guess it's lucky.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::LOL:
I'm trying to bash this evening with a buddy - as long as I feed the hungry teenagers at home first I should be able to head out for a while before the wife gets home from work late - plans to bash tomorrow morning too so may be up lateish recharging the lipos! As for Friday the 13th, I'll just tempt the fates!
I stayed up all night sharpening my butcher knife, just in case an opportunity arises to use it.

Warning GIF by Friday the 13th
My son's favorite # is 13. That's was his bball jersey # when he played.
Wow, my basketball jersey was 13! West Texas Bible Belt. Nobody else would take it, they thought it “was of the devil.” I kid you not. It didn’t bother this yankee city boy at all. I sucked though, so maybe they were right…
Superstitious? We all know that's all a bunch of BS! Would like to discuss more but running late for a palm reading appt!
If ya miss it you can just call the California Psychic Hotline & have all your questions answered
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