Front Bumper for New Granite BLX (2016 model)

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a Front Bumper that will be compatible with my new Granite BLX monster truck.

I can see the two main companies "TBR" & "RPM" seem the most popular choices, but I can't find a compatible one for my truck.

What are you guys using? What are my options? Can I use one that is not specifically designed for my Granite BLX. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That would be ace if you could dude!



Just got my front bumper on, it fits like a charm! Still waiting on the rear bumper though.


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If money is a concern, I was able to fit the RPM (#81042) with minimal work. For under $6.00 from Tower Hobbies. Two existing mounting screws were almost a match and only needed to elongate slightly to fit. Drilled and tapped a back screw for a little extra support and worked out great into the aluminum body plate. Also needed to cut back two existing plastic mounts slightly for a flush fit to existing front arrma skid plate/bumper.
IMAG0929.jpg IMAG0930.jpg
The tbr stuff is literally bomb proof. Even in the cold. I have the front bumper, rear bumper, and skis for my granite blx (last body style) and have been more than pleased. Not sure why they only specifically say mega but it all bolted on my blx without issue.
Just got my front bumper on, it fits like a charm! Still waiting on the rear bumper though.

Sweet...That looks so good man! Going to order one this week for mine.
Think I'm gonna keep my wheelie bar for the time being until it breaks :p

Thanks again for sharing!
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