Senton Front lower arms

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Perth Western Australia
Arrma RC's
  1. Senton 6s
I've cracked the front lower suspension arm on my Senton where the pivot ball screws in resulting in it coming apart every time it gets a slight bump, as there seems to be no parts support either locally or online for the Senton I was wondering if I can use the front lower arm off the Typhon as in my manual it looks similar but may be a bit longer. Between this and the 17mm wheel hexes I'm getting close to getting rid of my Senton, I don't have the same parts problem with my Slash or my Axial or even my obscure BSD racing monster truck.
Hello Irish, I'm sorry to hear your having problems finding parts.

Have you tried locating Team Durango parts?It looks like the arms off of the Desc10 will bolt onto the Senton.
This post is timely. I broke both Senton lower A-arms today. One kinda big split and the other fairly minor split, at where the ball joint screws in.
I've written to Arrma warranty support because the car is less than 2 weeks old.
I'll check out the Durango arms too. I think the DESC10 has a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Senton so I'll check measurements to see if they are usable.

Also the Arrma arms are out of stock at Tower until late April. So my $450 truck is idle for weeks, due to a $10 part not being well made nor in basic inventory supply. Total bs.
Update: Arrma customer service will replace under warranty, but back order date is late late April.
However, Durango DESC10 arms seems to fit correctly. Slight steering binding after assembly, but tweaking pillow ball caps a smidge looser seems to have fixed it. Shock travel seems spot on. Will test later. FYI, Durango arms are in stock and inexpensive.
the Durango DESC10 is basically an up modded Senton so about 70% of the parts are direct replacements from the Desc10 to the Senton and the rest can be used if your willing to spend some more money on more parts.
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