Front tires not spinning freely

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OK guys silly or newbie question.

I recently rebuilt my diffs in my outcast. I put 30/100/30k in and the back tires spin freely. The front tires take more effort to spin the front. I tore about the front end and the tires spin freely when not connected to the front drive shaft connected to the center diff.

Is this normal for being 100k in the center? Or do I have an issue somewhere??
same thing happened to me make sure you have the diffs in the right way !!
There is only one way it goes right?? There is the dip in the frame where the big gear goes right??
Yes on the Dip and the big gear. I have other cars where it is easy to put it in backwards. The 100k in the center will make it tougher to spin by hand and certainly my front is harder to spin than the rear. Have you tried to run it yet?
I have not tried to run it yet.. I was just curious before i ran it to see if i would break anything with it.. I don't know if you have read any of my other post on the forums, but this outcast is a lemon (well thats what im calling it), I have broke way too much for only like 30 mins of run in 3 total runs.. So I am pretty much almost given up on it.. I just got a kraton, and I will be checking that out shortly once the snow goes away... (got 2inches on one side of town, and 14" on the other side of town, don't ask... lol ).
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