Kraton Front wheels no power and brake

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Hey guys...
I noticed yesterday that my kraton's rear was braking i know that it is because the frontwheels hardly get any power and also don't brake anymore...

I made a little movie so you can see what i mean...[user]=7314154&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

I also hear a strange sound close behind the front diff...
Only thing i can think of is that when i took the middle diff out, an input shaft cup fell out when i turned the car up in the air...
I just putted that thing back...i do notice that its a bit loose...
The shaft at the rear diff isnt loose at all...i guess it must have something to do with it..
What do you guys think...
( ar310432 is the part that fell out...)

Thanks in advance
Problem solved! Grubscrew was indeed loose!
Charging up lipos again for a ride this evening or tomorrow! :)
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