Fury - any cheap/basic mods for jumping?

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Hi guys,

Finally ironed out some out of box teething problems with my fury ... Dodgey diffs x2 and sad servo.

Just wondering what basics mods (or cheap) can be done to make these a little more durable or receptive to jumps. Car doesn't really seem to mind the jumps but lands quite heavily. I have put the spring collars that come with the car in to preload the springs a little and a little bit more clearance.

Ideally after suggested springs or shock oil weights etc.

I've heard schools of thought that letting the body take a bit of the landing impact is better than the suspension? Apparently the upper shock mounts on the Arrmas are a point of weakness? I guess it Depends on the surface of landing as hard surfaces don't really sound nice.

Also any thoughts on technique.. Seem to get best nice levellandings by hitting jump at a constant speed held approaching jump.

Car is standard arm but ADS-7 has metal gears as the standard plastics ones stripped out after a few runs ... According to the Australian rep this us to be expected running on grass?? (No warranty).

Those pre-load clips are only to adjust the ride-height. They will not make the springs any stiffer.

You could try to find replacement springs, which are more stiff. Also go to thicker (400sct, 450sct) shock silicon oil.
Ahhh my bad. I've tried a bit of a mad scientist mod on rear and pulled out the clips and popped some firmish Tamiya springs in there in addition to the stock spring and then loaded the front up with both the large clips. Running a little bit of rake now but has some decent clearnance.... Drive shaft angle looks ok still and out cups still clearing lower arm so keen to give it a try.

Also wound some camber in front and rear, seems to be an idea that a bit of camber can help keep the car upright on awkward landings.
2015-08-11 14.24.23.jpg

2015-08-11 14.24.32.jpg

2015-08-11 14.24.42.jpg
New member here, hello all. Just picked up a Mega Fury, crazy cheap price from T-hobbies online (unsure if I can paste websites)
How did you add camber in the front? From the pics I still don't see it.
Car looks great by the way!
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