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i have an Onxy 110 battery charger (for 4-8 cell NiCd and NiMH batteries)

I am looking to get another battery so I can stay at the bike track running my fury longer. Looking to spend 50 bucks total.. any suggestions
What up Amstar my suggestion is to upgrade to lipo for two simple reason longer runs and more time on the track or bashing! And believe me once you go to lipo you won't go back you will notice the difference,hope this helps a little.
It's really your choice but personally ill go with the 3s. And the higher c rating the stronger the burst ,35c or better it's what I recommend. My batteries are 75c continues and 150c burst.
Keep in mind the Onyx 110 can't charge LiPo's so you would need a new charger as well...

That said, I agree its better to save up/invest in LiPo then another NiMH pack. I get about 40-60mins of avg driving on my Fury on a 5000mAh 2S LiPo, which is more than twice I got from any NiMH pack.
How on earth do you get run times that long on your Fury? I'm lucky if I get 15 mins on my 2s 5000mAh packs in mine. What motor combo are you running in yours Dragon?
I'm still on the stock (mega) transmission, but I've geared up to 22/87 (instead of the stock 18/87), with the power this motor has I could go much further, but I'm happy where its at and will just wait until the trans dies to change to different gearing..
Ah,there's the other rub,I'm running either 16/57 or 15/57 gearing,that explains a lot. I'm still running on the original Mega gearbox internals too.
What's up guys! Not necessarily the gears and size pinion you have drain your batteries you have to keep in mind the c rating on the battery the higher discharge the quicker the battery drains now a battery with 5000mah and 25c should last at least 25 minutes easy ,metal gears and we'll greased bearings help a ton,plus you need to make sure that batt is full and the mah are close to the rate of the batteries most chargers show the mah on it when finished charging,I run a 6500mah 75c continues and 150 burst and I get close to an hour and my pinions are 1 to 1 but then again l'm running strictly onroad so still off-road my batteries last a good 45m or better.
to be clear, the C rating of the battery is the maximum rated amperage the battery pack is designed to provide. It has very little (if anything) to do with how long the truck will run on that pack. The amount of current you use as you drive is a combination of voltage of the pack, motor, gearing, and weight - as well as drive style. A 2S 5000mAh 30C pack will run just the same as a 2S 5000mAh 50C pack - (the assumption being that your ESC/Motor combo cannot use more than the maximum amount of current the battery pack can deliver, which is rare in a 1/10 setup)

If @Dreadstar is running 16/57 (which is a 3.56:1 ratio) and on top of a 3900kV motor, he will most likely be sucking the pack dry faster then me, because for the most part he will be GOING faster than me. My 22/87 (3.95:1) setup is going to result in less top speed, even less top speed on a 3300kV motor, in the end the same battery in my truck will outlast his, and mine will be going slower. (I'm really summarizing here, to keep the discussion simple)
Of course the c rating those not have nothing to do with how long you ride but the mah on the other hand do have alot to do! I run my batteries in a off-road sct & onroad drift and a 1/8 onroad car they all have different gears and pinions and batteries last almost the same running time.

If you take two batteries both with the same mah but one is 20c and the other is 60c witch battery will drain quicker?
So I ended up going with the venom sports power 5000 30c 7.4v Lipo battery and a charger. I also went ahead and picked up the castle sidewinder 3 kit as well.. Can't wait to get it all up and running
Jez this an old thread , was gonna add don't run the fury on 3s , me and a m8 both ran 3s batteries with an upgraded 540 size brushless arrma motor and we both shredded the gears in gearbox ..... anyone know where to get any fury bls parts ?
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