Fury BLS has steering but no drive

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Noah Major

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Hey. I just got my Arrma Fury at Christmas and and am more then impressed with it. Was driving it around today for about 45 mins. When I was done I turned of my controller and my wheels started spinning at full throttle (if that's important). I let my battery fully charge and when I went to use my car tonight i noticed that the light on the ESC weren't working and that the tires weren't spinning. The lights on the ESC go on for a split second then shut off right away. Possibility of a fried ESC? Pretty new at this stuff so I'm not quite sure.
Note: Gave the car a spray down when done (but after the weird tire spinning) when I was done
@Noah Major sounds like you need to contact Arrma support for a ESC replacement.

On a second note, while this wouldn't have damaged your ESC - you noticed your Fury went full throttle when you turned off your controller... word of advice, your controller (or transmitter) is the first thing you turn on and the last thing you turn off. Always.
Ya I was guessing that's why that was happening. Thanks for the words of advice
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