Fury BLX on sale for $229 this week at Tower.

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They did just revamp the Mega, so it wouldn't surprise me that they will redo the BLX... My 8 year old son wants a Fury, so I'm waiting to see if they do upgrade the BLX (I want the metal geared transmission and extra metal bracing vs the Mega).
Go for this one. You will not regret it and the changes that they did on the mega were mostly aesthetics. You will be able to do those in the future if you like.
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I paid more for my BLS back in June that what this BLX is selling for right now. :(
That is a great deal on the Fury BLX! I just got the new Fury Mega and am sure that the Fury BLX will get a similar treatment.

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Hey guys I have been looking at this sale myself and am torn. I could get it right now for about $150 with tower coupon and Ecash. Is this Fury BLX basically a 2014 model? Are there known issues with this one such as ESC? Should I wait for the Fury update and pay more or put this money towards a Senton (out of stock) or Kraton upgrades? Seems like when an update comes out, what it would cost to update the old model I might as well wait for the new one.
I will go for this one as there has been no problems with the ESC. Also the Fury updates were just aesthetics and the transmitter. They didn't change anything else.
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