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I need some help, my fury is acting like it has no power when i try to drive it but if i put it on a stand then it will move its wheels but even at full throttle on the controller the truck is only going at maybe a 1/4 power, what could this be any help is greatly appreciated
It's the brushed version but it's running a traxxas Titan 12t motor with the stock esc on a 2s 5000 mah 25c Lipo and I haven't been able to run it for bout 3 days now
That means that it's only operating at 50%, unfortunately,I've no idea as to how you change the setting, as the manual/bumf doesn't explain it.
Well I've got a new motor and esc combo coming in and got it at the Rc shop right now getting some work done
yup the upgrade is worth it... I got the BLX and it died on me twice, such a hassle to wait 2 weeks to get it to run again, sheesh. I upgraded to the castle sct combo (brushless) and just contact arrma and see if you can get a replacement and keep the stock set up as a back up system in case your upgrade breaks down or need servicing.

have a nice day :)
that's what i have coming in is the castle 3800 sct combo, and i am going to contact arrma support on monday, thank you for the info.
all you need is a program card/ the castle link computer thingy...
I bought the card for a few more dollars, quality is very so so but is probably way easier to use than the usb one
I got you with a link and coupon code man if ya need it

CARD: https://vortexhobbies.com/castle-creations-6300-quick-field-programmer-car-cse010-0063-p-31402.html

USB: https://vortexhobbies.com/castle-creations-castle-link-programming-kit-cse010-0005-p-31401.html

and the coupon code is: 5off

to get $5 off of your order and is a one time use coupon... I have tried to use it a second time and it didnt let me
I'm guessing that the stock gears on mine are different then yours, with mine being the mega version, correct?
I'd have to check on that, will update

here it is, yes I am running 57tooth spur and 15tooth pinion while the mega runs 87tooth spur and 18 pinion

Have you also changed out the plastic gearing for metal?
No I have not yet changed out the gears , are there any upgrades you would recommend since I'm now running brushless,?, thanks for any info and help
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