Fury mega issues

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So I put in a 60amp turnigy trackstar esc/motor in and it was running awesome for about 10 batteries today I went to take it out and it wouldnt go so I change the remotes batteries and all is good for about 5 minutes and then it stops on me. I take it inside and its flashing red which is low voltage. But my lipo alarm says battery is good and tried two different ones. So when I turn it on either I have no power and nothing happens or it will work but when I stop the wheels they go on their own forward and backward randomly. Where should I look first? Servo, esc or controller?
I ended up finding a used remote for cheap and that instantly fixed the issue. Made it about 5 minutes and then broke the outdrive where the dog bone goes in so that's going to be a fun one to fix
Time for the metal gears as long as you're ripping it apart. I waiting to blow up my Raider mega stock gears.... Then I will make the switch!
Yeah I ordered the metal motor mount so will probably order The gears next pay check.
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