Fury, old time body

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new project,studebaker fury street rod. Just started on the body fit and trim. Still not sure on the paint scheme yet. Hot colors or a patina? Shorter stiffer shocks. Maybe 2 3/4 " front. Mount front shock on the rear and load the tension to them. Something that would be easy to switch back to the short course rig. The original body mounts work perfect! Just raised the front body mount two holes. The body is a Parma # 1241. View attachment 51
With that body you should painted red and get some big 95 numbers a rusteeze stickers, it will look like Lightning McQueen, the kids will go crazy for it.
You can even use this decals:
decals compress.jpg

decals compress.jpg
I wondered if there were any cars theme bodies out there. My son loves it!

Can you buy these, or do you have to make your own?
Those decal sheets are awesome! I am considering buying them.
Other than stickers and what to do to the tail lights, it is done! Who am I kidding, it will never be done. That is what makes it fun! Oh, wheels and tires! See what I mean.
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