[Fury] Shocks... that fit... ones with no mods?

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Are there any alluminum shocks that are inexpensive and actually fit otb for the fury? thanks
Ive read all those shock articles on this forum.. and since I am new to the hobby all those seem like a hassle and/or I might mess up on something :confused:
The Integy seem to be the ones that fit the best but you need to dremel the joint ball at the bottom of the shock to make it fit the A arm
When I fitted the Integy MSR11 to the front of my Fury I didn't Dremel anything. I pushed the Integy ball from the lower mount point out using a pair of needle nose pliers. Then I installed Arrma replacement balls. Easy peasy. :)
I'm running losi xxx-scb shocks. Just had to swap the ends(use the original arrma ones) and upper shock bushings(losi style). I used team associated limiters in the front shocks to limit down travel cause the shocks are about 10mm longer.

The rears bolted right on with the same. Swap the ends and losi style bushings on the top. No limiters needed as its only 2mm longer.


You can run losi or arrma springs. I chose the arrma springs for now to start off with the same amount of preload as before.
What's up guys! The set of shocks that I found that fits with truly no mod's were the upgrade for the Duratrax ext2 and they come in three different sizes for front and back and is truly how much are you willing to spend! I have my Fury for about two years no problem plus I modified my shocks for a lower ride!


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How do y'all get your RCs so clean?
Even after I clean mine, it's still got pockets of dirt with scratches and pock marks all over the place, not to mention the rusty-red black oxide screws that haven't' been exchanged for stainless yet.
Air compressor! spray on it and you will see the difference that's one of the reasons I left gas powered rc's to much maintenance! Plus wd-40 is your best friend for wiping everything!
I'm looking to replace the shocks on my sons Fury. Which Integy shocks (mentioned above) will fit? Thanks
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