Fury won't move under throttle

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can anyone help me out? I have the fury mega, bought it last november, and i went to run it yesterday but when I put the truck down and tried to drive it, it would barely move even though you could hear the motor going, well I took it inside to look at things I pulled the trans cover off and set it flat on the table and when i pulled the throttle the back wheels would try to move but it didnt go anywhere, the motor shaft and gears spin but the truck doesn't move
Are the outdrives and dogbones spinning with force?

If yes, then the transmission is probably solid and I would then check to make sure the wheel hexes are in good shape and the hex drive pins are intact.

If not, and provided you have checked the pinion set screw, then you may have to open up the gearbox.
i found that it is the gear that turns the clutch that is bad, i have tried to take it apart but the gear is stuck onto the shaft, i can hold the shaft and spin the gear on it, which i know is a bad thing,
With the adjustment nut loosened, the spur (large) gear should spin on the shaft. The clutch discs transfer the power from the spur gear when the clutch it's adjusted properly. When the clutch it's worn off too loose, the spur will spin but the clutches won't transfer the power.
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