Granite Gear Problems on a Brushless Conversion


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I recently converted my 2nd Gen Brushed 4x4 Granite to brushless and it immediately destroyed my gears meant for brushed. If I get a BLX slipper set, Slipper shaft, and Gear mount will that fix it?
Yes those will work. Thing is, on the V2, mega line I don’t think the differentials are the same as the brushless version, like in the V3 mega line. Not sure if they can handle brushless power… perhaps someone else can confirm. has stock parts at extremely good prices.
Pretty much you got that right.(y)
You will need to upgrade the whole drivetrain to BLX specs for better durablility overall. It's just not a matter of swapping out brushed electrics for a BLX setup.
Which gear did it destroy? I have a mega conversion that is still kicking it on the mega slipper clutch. I beleive the V2 has the same diff's but the input shaft are a bit longer due to the BLX Brushless slipper of that era not having the plastic lock nut inside.
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The brushed version uses 48p versus Brushless used 32p (mod0.8) gears.

48p has more teeth compared to a 32p of the same diameter however, the teeth are smaller and weaker. This is why the 3S cars use 32p and the 6S cars use Mod1 gears.

Updating the whole drive train will be ideal to handle the increased power loads.
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