Kraton Gearbox grease

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Okay guys so i have been into tge rc hobby for about 2 years so im not a complete noob. I have a kraron and an outcast that im getting ready to do diff mainenance on ie shimming. My question is what kind of grease are people using on outside of diff housing in the gearbox as i noticed tgere was some when pulling them out of the truck. Sorry for noob question. Tganks for advice and help.
I use 1:1 automotive HD axle/bearing grease. The outside grease doesn't play that big of a roll in function, compared to the inside silicone oil.
Thanks for the quick response. Thats what i was gonna use just wanted to make sure it wouldnt degrade the plastic
I was directed towards a WHITE Lithium Grease when I asked. It seems to be working just fine. I can't see why axel/bearing grease wouldn't be ok or better.
I've been using Loctite Viper synthetic lube. I pack the bottom of the case with it also. It keeps dust and grit out.
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