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I think the other thing is making a determination of when the water is too rough. I have an app called and check wind speeds before I bother to charge up LiPos.
Yea SOLO Straightaway running is one thing ... Sanctioned multi boat events be them Oval course racing or SAW are an exercise in adaption to conditions at hand.
This is why many as they advance in the R/C boat hobby keep notes on props and set up specs for varied water & wind conditions etc ....

Your rabbit hole will continue to deepen !!!!

I know this picture was shared previous ... tho making note that the "TRIM" has been so finely tweaked that boat hull while running on the surface, at times Airs Out and it needs to be able to fly LEVEL before gravity has it settle back down. Key is having Prop lift enough to keep transom up and bow biased down tho not so must as to cause a high speed STUFF !!! Prop ideally never blows out losing bite and creating lift !!! For when it does the hull will KITE and blow off the water ;)

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Sooo @Tex Koder It looks like the interior of the tray is 3” by 8” I’m looking for a tray of hard thin composite material or anything. I could not find the YouTube video that shows how the dimensions are. He laid a piece of aluminum on it and drew a line. Any Somicwake owners have the battery tray dimensions? I broke two plastic tie down. Looking for something more secure. I did see one with a front box as tall as the battery to stop them from going forward to the foam. Let me know if you have any ideas! You could probably YouTube sonicwake battery tray. Crap. You said mm








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Just another video and I love it. @King blitz you magnificent mofo you! I already know I’m taking this thing to maximum upgrade level

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