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First post, glad to be here.

My son's Raider is running the stock dboots tires on his Raider Mega brushed. We have a loosely packed sandy-gravel driveway, loose soil. leaf litter, and grass yard. We sometimes visit a local outdoor concrete skatepark. We may run on an outdoor clay track occasionally. He has little traction on anything but the concrete with these stock tires.

Looking for an upgrade that has good traction on loose surfaces so he can stop rooster-tailing and start driving!

Dan and Cason
I'm wondering too, as we just swapped in a Castle SW3/4600 combo, and the stock tires aren't very useful

This is with the punch and timing turned all the way down, stock gearing, 2s battery.
I'd say whichever tires u go with be sure the are a soft compound. I have the stock d boots , proline trenchers , and some traxxas tires. The trenchers seem to get the best traction and they are a soft compound where the traxxas and d boots are some what harder!
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