Outcast GNSS Mounting Location


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Picked up a GNSS Performance Analyzer to see how fast my Outcast is.
Does anyone have recommendations on where to securely mount the device?
Best place I could find is on the side guard. I'm going to put some painters tape over the charging port before running so I don't get any debris in it.

Mine are all on flat surfaces. I have velcro on the back of the GPS and the other velcro strips in each rig. Just make sure it doesn't fall out as it can be a b!tch to find! :ROFLMAO: I'm thinking about putting some bright orange or green paint on mine so it's easier to see.

Not sure if it has to be flat or not, but basically you can secure it anywhere it's not going to interfere with the rig/moving parts. Strap it on and as Clark W. Griswold says, "Burn some dust here. Eat my rubber!" 😜🍻:ROFLMAO:
That's a great idea!
Glad I asked where others were mounting their devices.
Agree - I just want to see how fast it is before I upgrade the motor/ESC.
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