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north alabama
Arrma RC's
well broke down and bought a outcast. Was between it. Kraton. And a losi. So went back by local shop Friday to see owner. Lol. Discounts.
Kraton was gone. So guess that meant I needed the outcast. Been bashing some in front yard today. Little muddier than I like but. Wanted to try her out. In pavement with 4s thing will wheelie till out of site lol. Running 2- 2s gen 7600 lipos. Finally got brave and tried some flips off side of house lol. Fence would prob work better but I pulled off 4 out of 5. So far i love it. Can't wait to see how holds up. But will prob order a better servo mount and couple things first off. Thanks guys. I'm sure I'll be posting here and for sure be reading
I recently bought an outcast as well. Good fun hey. Really is a stunt truck hahah. I've wheelies for a good 30 meters. U can go for days on a straight road. This forum is full of helpful n genuinely nice people. I'm a new member as well and got help from many people. Welcome !


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Congrats on the new purchase,one of the funnest and toughest RC cars made today.

FYI,ch. your batt box to make sure one of the chassis screws isn't protruding through the right front
corner.I had to grind one down on mine that put a small hole in my 6s brick.
I'll look at battery box again. I done the new check list last night. Found a boat load of screws loose. But didn't see any screws sticking out in battery box. I haven't messed with punch control yet. But I'm only running 4s right now. So should I? I also have a couple of 3s batteries to try. What upgrades do I need to do? I think first will be the servo mount. Thing moves way too much. Not crazy about how much front end drops down when braking etc. I have adjusted front shocks. Trying that first. And might change springs if don't work.

I see screws now. I run batteries offset so I missed that. But I'll fix that in a few. Thx for that.


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I put a bit of foam with adheasive of the back n stick it out the back of the tray. I'm going to be putting Tekno orange springs cuz stock are just too saggy do nothing really. I haven't touched punch settings but it's on 4 as stock can go up to 9.
4s was boring for me tbh. I like the instant wheelies and backflips. It could be much different on punch 9 on a good 4s tho.

And ur knuckle pillow screws the red screw thing. They seem to come loose on me. I tend to check every time I use it
Ok. So. The higher the punch the more torque?
Used to castle system sorry. The higher % on it is the more out of it. So 60% is that much removed.
Ok. So. The higher the punch the more torque?
Used to castle system sorry. The higher % on it is the more out of it. So 60% is that much removed.

Well sort of...the higher the punch setting the faster it gets to full throttle. The motor can only go so fast. It's kind of like a D/R for your throttle.
It's how much "punch" u get when u stab at the throttle. I'm sure if u goto 9 you'll be doing standing backflips on 6s. It flips on its back on punch setting 4. Butnyeah what jeeper said. A dual rate for ur throttle haha
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