Granite 6s - testing some speedruns

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Not all, but many know im a i took 2 days off bashing. The ARRMA Granite 6s is a animal, but due to its weight i don't do mega why not try some speed runs. I recived some 17mm extended hex, running 1/8 AKA tires ( don't baloon to much ). I tried it on stock offroad setup, 6s 3400 rpm 540 motor..reached 87km/h at half throttle..then just back to drawing board. 8mm limiters in front shocks,10 in rear 55wt rear 70wt front. Added a front wing to..have a smaller also for rear. Sunday il fo for 100km/h


i like that wing on the front but it seems the one on the rear might be counter productive for speed runs. Curious, what is your reasoning behind it?

Oh, and thanks for still tinkering with your granite despite all the other cool toys you have to play with.
For loose dirt, the rear wing like the one i have is a must for grip. But i have a smaller version, wich i think i have to use.

I hope so Mr W , time will tell.
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