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I want wheelies!

I see videos of Granite BLX's doing wheelies with ease. I see video's of Granite Mega's that have been upgraded to brushless doing wheelies with ease. I see very few videos of Granite BLS's but in my experience I do not get wheelies. :(

Everything is currently box stock on my truck. Can I tweak/tune to get wheelies or do I need to buy/upgrade something? I figure a 2S Lipo is in my future at some point, but if I can get some wheelies on the provided 7-cell NiMh that would be nice.

Has anyone else with a BLS model managed to get consistent wheelies without significant upgrades/$$$? Please share how you did so.
The bigger your motor (brushless) the easier it's going to be to wheelie, but it's still possible to do wheelies without a huge motor by changing your gearing such as trying a smaller pinion (to increase torque) or tightening your slipper clutch (also increases torque).

Be careful though if you're going to tighten your slipper as it's possible to cause drive train problems and break stuff.
Believe me, it IS the lipo which makes the big difference for the BLS drive system.
It is limited to 2S only, but sure it has enough power to pop wheelies...but not on 8,4V nimh batteries I am afraid.

The lowest quality lipo out there has much, much less internal electrical resistance than the very best nimh money can buy!
This means that there are dozens of Amps available within a fraction of a second, while the internal resistance of any nimh or nicad will never make that possible.

That is why a 2S 7,4V lipo battery gives a lot more top speed than a 8,4V or even a 9,6V nimh.
This is because a nimh under load drops the voltage quite a bit, while a fully loaded lipo will only loose some tenths of a Volt. And a good charged 2S lipo has around 8 Volts average as output.

Too expensive?
Check out Hobbyking hard case 2S lipo's of 6000mAh. They come around 25,- USD each, including shipping from your local warehouse.
I have 4 of them, and really great value for the money.

And yes, a good charger is mandatory, but that is also a necessity to get the most out of your current nimh. And most chargers can charge all types of batteries (but wheelies? No...)
And I forgot to mention that this is also the reason why a MEGA brushless motor will burn (the brushes) quite fast on a 2S lipo.
It just cannot handle the instantly amount of available amps.

So do not run a lipo in those cars.
And that is a petty because it really makes them much more alive...for a short period of time that is :(
they do ship outside the US using UPS but i'm not sure if you would be saving any money doing so and you can see prices in Euro's with the dropdown at the top of the website.
they do ship outside the US using UPS but i'm not sure if you would be saving any money doing so and you can see prices in Euro's with the dropdown at the top of the website.

We can ship everything (at least, which is legal here in Europe ;)) from the US.
However, customs really charges on all shipments a lot of additional import taxes. And that can easily double the total price :(

So that is unfortunately not a profitable option...
The tax differences are huge compared with Northern Europe at least.
I worked for a short period in the Boston area. And it was shocking how less taxes my US colleagues paid :D

That is why they charge so much, to compensate the difference.
For example we pay 21% VAT on each consumer product we buy
Got a venom 2 charger the other day. Man, it comes with all the plugs! I can even do my glow igniter with this rig! LiPo is a wonderful thing! They can be a bit much at full take off with a 2wd in the loose stuff. But it is nice to have the power on hand.
Yup I love the venom pro chargers. I have two of them myself. Next I'll be looking at a dual charger to replace them
Yup I love the venom pro chargers. I have two of them myself. Next I'll be looking at a dual charger to replace them

Will a duo-charger be better than two separate?
I have the same set-up from a different brand, and the cheapest dual charger with at least the same or more power (multiplied by two of course) is more expensive than two separate chargers. I do not get that.
Walter, I can't 100% guarantee wheelies, but you can try this.
#1 Add shock spacers to the front two shocks, making the front sit higher than the rear.
#2 Add a thinner shock oil too the rear shocks, and slightly thicker oil to the front.
Doing this will cause your vehicle too sqaut in the rear, when you hit the throttle, raising the front! :)
Also shock positioning, I don't own a BLS so I don't know what type of shock position options you have. I'm just a noob, been into hobby grade rc's for 5months now. I still have a whole lot to learn! But yah, try the shock spacer thing. Hope this helps....
One more thing, i recently added, 50,000wt. Diff oil too my diff! Man what a DIFFerence! :) Do that, and i'm pretty sure you'll pop wheelies all the time!
Just make sure your slipper is set right, or it may cause damages too drivetrain.
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I aggree, needs a lipo to pull wheelies, i use nihm batteries for long walks now. There isnt much punch, not enough for wheelies... unless you were on a full charge added torque with a smaller pinon added a bit of counter weight and tuned your shocks. The battery will be way better. if it is any consalation you can go cheap with some batteries. I have been using 1 18 scale 2000mah or less lipos in my granite for a few weeks now and at 1/3 the cost im saving cash and still getting 1 hour drive times
My blx pulled wheelies on nimh with no troubles at all! Perhaps try it on pavement and tighten the slipper clutch. If your clutch is to loose it won't grab.
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